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Beauty throughout decades

Every decade has been a part of a makeup culture. The 1920’s was almost an always partying, sparkling flapper girl but when it came to the 1950’s we got the pin-up red lip girl. The latest beauty history lesson comes courtesy of Karolina Zebrowska, a Polish fashion designer and blogger. She created a video of what ‘Real Women’ looked like starting in the 1900s until the 1940s. Her videos entailed herself creating different costumes and makeup looks from iconic years of beauty. However, I am looking at beauty, specifically makeup, throughout the decades. 


Karolina Zebrowska’s 50’s inspired look.

I began investigating from the 1940s where the typical woman was seen as independent and strong. The women in magazine articles were portrayed as manly, tensing their arms in the photographs and cutting their hair short. This was a time where many women lived a lonesome life due to the war. Their take on makeup was rather extraordinary, they wore red lips to symbolise their independence and boldness as a ‘single’ woman.

The 1950s also carried through with the red lip look. However, women seemed more feminine due to their rosy cheeky, smoky eyes and often curled hair. These looks were taken from a selection of the 50s fashion icons including Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor and of course Marilyn Monroe. Even today, in the 21st century, these women are still beauty and fashion icons.

Next we looked into the ‘Hippie Era’, also known as the 60s. This was the year where beauty had had a complete makeover. Women exchanged the smoky look for vibrant blue and green eyes and swapped the red lips for a peachy toned gloss. This decade was considerably the most interesting year I looked into. The women began drawing large black eyelashes, below their actual eyelashes on their faces and eyeliner, both black and white were introduced. Supermodel, Twiggy Lawson, made the large eyes and extravagant makeup very popular as it was shown on numerous magazine covers. The 70s also carried on with this trend, it was more subtle, but the feminine makeup was carried through.

The 1980’s was another bold decade for makeup and fashion. Women seemed to have discovered bronzer and it was the ‘thing’ to have it across the whole of your cheeks. Women were crazy for the youthful orange and pink cheeks! The colourful eyes were also a must, I found that purple became the colour of the 80s. This was the most popular coloured eyeshadow, along with blue and then green. There wasn’t a particular way to apply makeup in this decade, apart from ‘the more the merrier’ as it seems.

The 90’s had a dark twist on beauty… pale skin, dark red lips and hair flatened the face. Women were beginning to look like vampires. This was a gothic decade for makeup. Reds, burgundys and blacks were showing more as the vibrant purples and blues were banished. Reese Witherspoon’s makeup was reported, ‘she looked like she had got into her mom’s makeup bag and gone to town’, Allure Fashion Magazine reported. Again, another decade where brushes and Beauty Blenders were not a must!

Our final investigation was from 2010 until 2016. It began feminine in 2010, similar to the 50s. Women had discovered fluttery, false eyelashes and glowing skin. This technique was created with highlighter and dewy foundations. Now, in 2017 we see a whole array of beauty. Men have now become Covergirls, specializing in makeup blogging. Faux freckles are now the current trend along with contouring and strobing.

I cannot imagine what the fourth coming decades have in store for us.


James Charles, 17, the first male Covergirl ambassador.



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  1. Love this! I can’t imagine what the next trend will be!

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